Head to the Smurf village with RedDeer.Games

In the upcoming weeks, two new Smurfs games will be released by RedDeer.Games – a developer and publisher for Nintendo Switch, whose every release has an undeniable sense of adventure and good fun. With games focused on peaceful learning, like Cat’s Cosmic Atlas, or an emotional story, like The Companion, a free evening will turn into a journey to another universe.

The Smurfs: Learn and Play gives the youngest of us a strong foundation through learning letters and reading the clock. There will be a chance to help the village by finding lost items – a point-and-click game for the most perceptive detectives.

The game will be available November 17, marking the first stop in the Smurf village.


The Smurfs: Colorful Stories are set to be the second and last stop at the village. With a bucket and a few brushes, imagination can run free. The game has 14 different categories of pages to color, and a variety of tools to work with. There is also an option to draw on a blank canvas, with access to all tools and colors.

Bringing back colors to the world of the Smurfs will start December 8.


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