The Smurfs: Educational Games

Discover the magic of The Smurfs with our the new Edujoy learning game!

The little ones will be able to explore The Smurfs’ Village playing 10 different mini games that cover a range of different learning areas. 

The app aims to develop creativity, number recognition, hand-eye coordination, memory, and attention skills. The game also includes activities such as painting, music, puzzles, numbers and counting, mazes, and classic games like dominoes and word search.

This collection of mini games offers an educational and entertaining environment where children can learn and grow while enjoying with their favorite characters in a safe way.

Edujoy Games is the developer of the app, as part of Sandbox’s Gaming, specializing in creating educational mobile games for kids of all ages.

The game is completely free and it is available for iOS and Android devices in 5 different languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. 


Download the game for free now and start the new Smurfy adventure!