Happy Global Smurfs Day !

Happy Global Smurfs Day !


Every year on the Saturday closest to June 25th (Peyo’s birthday), Global Smurfs Day celebrates our beloved little blue friends, their smurfiness, the joy they spread all around the world, and the values they represent (respect, tolerance, team spirit, fun, care for nature and for each other, and believe in the future). It is also a great day to learn more about the Smurfs. “One for Smurf, Smurf for all!”


The best way to spend this day is to watch The Smurfs!

People can also read a Smurf comic book, play a Smurf game, have a contest between friends to see who can name the most Smurfs, or dress up like a Smurf. If your kids have never seen the Smurfs, today is the perfect day to introduce them to the Smurfs' magical world. Be sure to spread the love for the Smurfs on social media with #GlobalSmurfsDay.


The first Global Smurf Day was held on June 25th, 2011. The worldwide event celebrated the release of The Smurfs movie. Among those participating in the event was Peyo’s daughter, Veronique Culliford. Since then, Smurf lovers all around the world celebrates their favorite blue characters every year on the Saturday closest to June 25th.