The Smurfs : Pop Saga

The Smurfs : Pop Saga

Introducing "The Smurfs: Pop Saga"

An enchanting bubble shooter game that takes you on a new adventure with your favourite Smurfs, Lost Village friends and Leaf, the nature fairy. Immerse yourself in over 900 levels of addictive bubble popping gameplay, featuring smooth animations and intuitive mechanics and explore the visually stunning Saga Map filled with intricate details and vibrant spaces. Unleash your creativity and customise your Smurf companion's appearance. Dress them up in adorable outfits, creating a Smurf that reflects your style. Get ready to dive into a world of magic, bubbles, and endless excitement with "The Smurfs: Pop Saga"!

Key Features :

  • Exciting Saga Map, with lots of details, animations and eye candy.
  • Smooth Bubble Popping gameplay with over 900 puzzles to crack.
  • Powerful Boosters to level-up your gameplay.
  • An evergrowing Wardrobe to change your Smurf companion's appereance

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